Friday, March 23, 2012

Oil Prices Up, Flight Booking Prices Down

The pain isn’t just at the pump. Rising oil prices are also putting pressure on the price of airfare, making it more difficult to find affordable flights for a family vacation or business trip. For many, travel is a necessity, and higher prices are seen as just a fact of life. As the price of oil continues to rise, however, one travel company is actually cutting the cost to book flights on its site.
“The price of oil is hurting everyone,” says Steve Oliverez, CEO of “Not only is it more expensive to drive, but it’s getting much harder to find a cheap flight home or get away for the weekend.” With fuel making up nearly 35% of airlines’ operating cost, the recent spike in oil prices have placed a lot of pressure on the price of a ticket.

In response, has cut the price of booking flights on its website. As of this week, the site has been blanketed with a promo code offer that can be used during booking to save money. Rather than lowering the price on a few fares, the promo code is good for every flight booking on the website, including many popular routes such as flights from New York to Las Vegas.

Founded in 2009, is a fast-growing travel aggregator. While many travel sites have shifted gears in recent years toward promoting hotel offerings, has maintained a focus on finding the cheapest flights available. This approach has allowed the site to gain traction against larger, more established websites.

With no end to high oil prices in sight, the upward pressure on the price of airline tickets will likely continue. “It can be a real shock to people making summer travel plans,” says Oliverez. “Hopefully this helps.” While the promo code is good for travel dates through the end of the year, the duration of the price cut is still to be determined.

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