Sunday, May 6, 2012

South of the Border on Sale with’s Promotion

InsanelyCheapFlights announces a sale on a taste of the tropical as it adds popular vacation destinations in Mexico to its ongoing flight promotion.

Visitors to now receive a promotional discount on the the homepage that can be used when booking flights to various destinations in Mexico. Once redeemed on the booking page, the code allows customers to receive a discount of up to $20 for service fees only.

Destinations benefiting from the sale include the resort town of Cancun. With its clear blue Caribbean Sea coastline and family-friendly hotels, Cancun is a favorite year-round destination for many travelers to Mexico, and now flights to Cancun are even cheaper.

A cheap flight to the fun-filled city of Acapulco is made even cheaper with the additional $20 discount. Thrill-seekers are welcome to book flights to see the La Quebrada Cliff Divers perform their daily dare devil feats.

The stunning island of Cozumel is also included in flight sale. Must-see events in Cozumel include the Fiesta de Dan Juan Bautista in late June. Select a flight that coincides with the celebrations to enjoy the spectacle of parades around the Parque de Benito Juarez in San Miguel de Cozumel.

Since launching three years ago, InsanelyCheapFlights has experienced rapid growth in the crowded travel market by helping flyers find the cheapest flights available. While many travel sites have shifted gears in recent years toward promoting hotel offerings, InsanelyCheapFlights has maintained its focus on cheap airline tickets. This approach has allowed the site to gain traction against larger, more established websites.

Steve Oliverez, CEO of InsanelyCheapFlights, gave more details about the new addition of cheap flights to Mexico to the popular summer sale.

“We have been very pleased with the reaction to our promotion on Caribbean flights. With tropical choices proving popular, we decided to make destinations in Mexico eligible as additional options for those wanting a vacation further afield this summer.

“Mexico is always in high demand with our customers and offers good value with a range of beautiful resorts. It is has far-flung feel but comes with a conveniently short flight time from the mainline U.S, increasing its popularity.”

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